For local authorities (towns and municipalities) there is an offer of water services mainly in the following areas:

  • Production, treatment and distribution of water
  • Waste water treatment and sludge processing
  • Water drainage and rainwater treatment
  • Care of water sources
  • Customer relationship management

Balanced partnership

While operating the water infrastructure we have been respecting the principle of transparent and balanced relationships between the operator and the owners of the infrastructure (towns and municipalities) for over 25 years.

More about the principles of the relationships with the local authorities…


The operating companies in the Czech Republic where SUEZ has an ownership interest are the best references of the long-term work.

Water operating companies belonging to the SUEZ group...

Who to contact

Please contact us with your requirements and we will do our best to get you a qualified response or to direct you into the company to relevant professionals, where they will devote to you in detail.