SUEZ environment group / ONDEO in the Czech Republic


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SUEZ environnement in the Czech Republic

Suez environnement is an international group providing services to the public and industrial sectors. It is actively concerned in the sustainable development by providing innovative solutions in the environment sector to businesses, local authorities and citizens. 

The company SUEZ environnement in environmental area is represented in the Czech Republic and Slovakia by the following companies: ONDEO and SITA

The companies ONDEO and SITA combine their knowledge to meet the increasing requirements of businesses and local authorities. They use and observe the environmental standards essential to promote the strategy of sustainable development.

For industrial and commercial clients SUEZ Environnement group suggests and implement specific long-term solutions to reduce costs and to increase profitability and competitiveness.

These solutions are based on the quality and innovative approaches, the ability to listen to customers, interest in environmental protection and extensive experience and knowledge of these fields.


The SUEZ environnement / ONDEO company, also known as Lyonnaise des Eaux, was the first international company in the water business, which started operating in former Czechoslovakia in the early 1990s. After its division into two countries, this company developed their activities to the fullest especially in the Czech Republic but also in Slovakia. 

During more than 20-year-long operation in the Czech market the /SUEZ environnement/ONDEO company has managed to join 10 water operating companies all over the Czech Republic. Nowadays, after a few realized corporate consolidations and resales it is present in 5 water operating companies.

In 1999 the company SUEZ environnement / ONDEO entered also the Slovak water market, where it became a majority shareholder in Trenčianská vodohospodárska spoločnosť, a.s. (Inc.).

SUEZ Environnement in the Czech Republic